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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 10, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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human sexual trafficking is alive and well here in the bay area. right now the d.a. is holding a conference to end it. we'll tell you what her strategy is. >> what i am and what about is all because of the good grace of this city. >> this year's election was only over a few days ago but we'll tell you about an election a year from now. and a high school teacher is arrested, accused of
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takinged a -- of having sex with a student. good afternoon. topping our news this noontime, it's an issue many people don't think about. but hewhan traffic something a serious prob -- but human trafficking is a serious problem. ktvu's christen kafton joins us with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. alameda county's district attorney is calling her open invitation to call human trafficking "heat." we were inside the oakland museum where the d.a. is league the conference. the short-term plan is to expand the program through alameda, san francisco and contra costa county county. long-term, she would like to see this program extended to
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the nine-bay area county region. this includes coordinating the efforts of those who come into traffic with those who have been trafficked. it's also educating law enforcement officials to educate sex victims and the d.a. says human trafficking is not limited to bringing overseas sex workers to the bay area. >> we do have international trafficking with the victimming being right here here -- victims being right here in the bay area. what we have also is an epidemic of domestic trafficking from our children being moved all over the coun, all over the bay area region. the d.a. says since the fact that trafficking is a crime without borders, it is the main incentive of her program to grow the heat watch program. alameda county is using money from a $300,000 federal grant to expand that program around
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the bay area. we're live in oakland, christen kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. leland yee wants to be mayor of san francisco. yee filed papers this morning at the city's election department. he's one of a number of people who want to run in the election a year from now. >> for me, this was sort of the natural next step of just beginning a conversation with the people of san francisco to hear their issues and to hear their concerns and for all of us to work together. >> the board of supervisors must still appoint an interim mayor to serve the final year of newsom's term. he's scheduled to leave office january 3rd. just how the board of supervisors will pick the interim mayor is still under
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the air. john avalas proposed replacing -- appointing a replacement next week. the mayor's office opposes any vote while newsom is still mayor. and in the oakland mayor's race, still no final results. the alameda registrar of voters says he will not release any updates until all of the ballots are counted. reportedly, only a few hundred remain. the latist numbers were released last friday and showed quon with a lead over don perata. you can find the latest updates by clicking object local politics tab at the top of our home page, an autopsy scheduled for today should provide new information on the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in oakland. authorities have identified the man killed as derrick jones.
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a 37-year-old parolee. investigators say the deadly shooting came after jones choked and beat a woman at a nearby laundromat. police say he did not have a gun or a knife but they say a taser did not stop him. >> he turned around and then praised -- placed his hands down towards his waistband and the entire time the officers were yelling for him to get his hands up. officers believed they were in a life-threatening situation and discharged their firearm. >> he was a family man. he just had a daughter. she was only 2 years old. he was the nicest, sweetest dude around. he wasn't gonna hurt a fly. >> oakland mayor ron dellums has sent con dolans to his family dellums said he will closely monitor the d.a.'s
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decision about charges in this case. there's more information at a bay area high school is rocked with a scandal after being arrested for having sex with -- with a student. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: the fairfield suisunune filed school district just released this press release detailing what they can about this criminal investigation but it definitely can't answer all of the questions that this case poses. the woman arrested last night is an english teacher at rodriquez high. it's a shock. it's really sad. authorities have charged felicia killings of having sex with fa female -- with a female student. the student was just 16. she was arrested last night. the solano county jail released her overnight after she posted bail.
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>> we had gotten word that the teacher involved may have been involved with an inappropriate relationship with a student on campus. >> reporter: several students of the accused teacher describe the type of teacher she was. >> she was a nice teacher. laid back. >> reporter: but when asked about the charges today, some said rumors were swirling. >> i was kind of surprised but i was kind of aware of it, too. >> i didn't really know her but the school allowed her to wear dress inappropriately. it was weird. she always wore low-cut stuff. >> the teacher currently is on leave pending an investigation. information went out to the parents. >> reporter: killing, who lives in vallejo, had bail set at $50,000. her first appearance in court will be november 30th at 8:30
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in vallejo. we tried contacting the fairfield police department. that's the department handling this case. we have yet to hear back from them. >> thank you, jade. cal state university students are protesting in long beach today. against new tuition hikes. this morning the board of trust'ses approved a hike. >> cal state trust'ses say they must raise fees to make up for reduced state funding. >> thousands of people who have been stuck on a stranded cruise ship are heading back to land, slowly. mexican cargo ships are taking "the splendor" back to port. with the pools, bars and casinos closed and rooms pitch back and stuffy, there's not much for the passengers.
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officials say the ship should be in san diego by tomorrow night. a famous airline pilot from the bay area is in washington, d.c. a bay area city has restricted kids' meals at restaurants. i spend three hours on my homework --
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help me! help me! a four-hour long disaster drill is getting ready to wrap up in alameda. the city community team put on the drill. it simulated a large-scale earthquake. they train civilians to help interest neighbors in a disaster and to coordinate as needed with professional emergency responders. firefighters scramble to put out a -- put out a fire at an oakland halfway house early this morning. the fire started around:30 at an independent living center
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near foothill boulevard. when firefighters arrived, they found a chair burning outside. that prompted concern about arson. investigators found a jar containing cigarette butts and believe the fire was started by a lit cigarette. no one was hurt and there's no damage at the living quarters. gavin newsom is promising to veto the city's so-called happy meal decision. it appears there's enough votes to override that. fast-food meals's proposed law is designed to help fight childhood obesity and is one similar in law to unincorporated santa clara county. >> the sup who -- supervisor who initiated, he couldn't even get his own daughter, you know, to eat right. that's what started it, when he
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said that he looked in her toy box and saw all of those happy meal toys. >> the rule applies to meals with more than 600 calories or 35% of their calories from fat. on the eve of the g-20 summit, president obama is calling on world leaders to their their -- to do their part to help with an international economic recovery. he arrived in south korea. the president said the global recovery cannot rely on the massive spending and borrowing of the u.s. he called on other nations to boost their own consumer spending. during a speech yesterday in indonesia, he talked about the importance of international economy. >> gone are the days when seven or eight countries would come together to determine the direction of global markets. that's why the g-20 is now the center of international economic cooperation. >> he also called on china to
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raise the artificially low value of the currency to balance the trade with the rest of the world. some nations say the u.s. plan to buy $600 billion in long- term government loans to drive down interest rates will give america an unfair advantage. sully sullenberger was in washington, d.c. to speak out against proposed new faa rules. he and other pilots oppose a new change in regulation that would increase the amount of time airlines can make pilots fly and shorten rest periods between flights. he was particularly critical of a recommendation to increase maximum flying time from eight hours to ten hours. >> one of the things that's in the proposal, unbelievably to me is the recommendation to increase by 25% the daily flying time pilots would be flying. i can tell you from personal experience and from my knowledge of the science. there are no data that show
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that flying more hours per day will decrease fatigue. >> suen berger became famous for safely landing flight 1549 on the hudson driver in new york city last -- hudson river in new york city last year. let's check in with mark. pretty nice out there? >> that's right, tori. it look like we're settling into an extended period of dry weather. not much in the way of activity around the bay area. we have a few showers around cape mendocino. but that's about it. and the snowshowers beginning to move out of the sierra as well. look outside right now, we can show you from san jose, there's cloud buildups. currently san jose in the lower 60s. we did pick up some rain over the past 24 hours. look at mill valley, nearly .5. san francisco, .10 and the same deal for san jose, right about .10. this is the radar over the past
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2 hours moving through the bay area. for the most part right now, not a lot out there, just some lingering clouds. temperatures on the cool side, mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s. hayward, 62. and livermore at last check, reporting 60 degrees. weather story is this, a bit of a breeze, winds are from 15 too 25 miles an hour. chilly for tonight and a bit of a warming training right through the bay area weekend. as far as temperatures for this afternoon. mainly in the lower 60s from around 60 to 65 degrees. satellite shows you this -- you can see the system moving through the bay area yesterday and watching out here to the north and west the jet stream basically generated from a difference temperatures with the cold air to the north and the warm air to the south. at least with afternoon highs there will be warm air. patchy morning fog, increasing sunshine in the afternoon. primarily some 60s but by the weekend, warmest locations will be approaching the 70s for both
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saturday into sunday. for today, though, for this afternoon, you can see at 3:00 fair skies breezy, by 6:00, clear and cool, 53 to 58 and then by 9:00, partly cloudy skies. patchy fog developing for the inland locations, especially for the north bay interior right around santa rosa especially for late tonight. here we go with the temperature the this afternoon. pacifica, 59. same deal for antioch 64. morgan hill 65. santa cruz topping out -- tops out right around 60 degrees. as far as overnight lows, patchy fog and temperatures on the chilly side. we're introducing some 30s for santa rosa, napa and morgan hill. san francisco, 48. livermore, right around 40 degrees to start out your thursday morning. a look ahead to your five-day forecast. no rain clouds in this five- day. you'll notice temperatures on the cool side for tomorrow morning. also into friday morning but afternoon highs looking fairly nice in the mid- to upper 60s. for saturday upper 60s as well.
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main approaching the 7046- degree mark and mostly sunny skies on sunday and we're still talking about lower 70s. the raindrops already but the clouds are already moving out. >> you talked about the tahoe area. there was some snowshowers out -- out there. any accumulation? squaw valley, they are targeting november 20th. the overnight low in truckee is supposed to be 12 degrees. so they will be making some snow over the -- >> that's good timing before the thanksgiving break. >> perfect. >> we're all excited. >> i bet you are. >> thank you, mark. in san jose, a fire that destroyed an auto body shop is under investigation. crews rushed to the auto market and truck shop on san jose avenue shortly before 9:00. they found the building and three cars engulfed in flames. firefighters evacuated a nearby home that was briefly threatened but no one was hurt. the only fire station in
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the marin hedlunds is officially closing. the golden gate national recreation area began closing the station at fort cronkite in september. it's part of the move to disband the presidio fire department and save money. the union representing presidio fire says that department is not adequately staffed to keep the area safe. the pg&e senior manager who heads up the smart meter program is on suspension. that's after william defroe admits he used a fake name when joining online discussions for those people who oppose the program. he's apologized and pg&e said it's investigating the matter and does not condone what he did. this morning, the san francisco rescue mission food bank received a very generous donation from foster forms.
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a merced county chicken producer clipped 300 fresh turkeys to the tenderloin district for the annual thanksgiving meal. that event starts this saturday with the delivery of 5,000 hot meals. another hot 300 meals to the homeless and hundreds of bags of groceries. the food bank says it's still desperate for more donations. >> we have foster farms. this is gonna be gone this saturday. so we're looking ahead to thanksgiving day. we'll need probably double the amount of turkey as well as mashed potatoes, stuffing, canned corn, all of these resources we need for a good thanksgiving meal. >> the food bank typically provides 1400 meals and more than a ton of groceries per week. food bank officials say demand for meals is high while donations continue to fall. people at the state capitol are preparing for the holidays.
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a 55-fight tall -- a 55-foot white fir tree is waiting to be decorated. a tree of that size would cost at least $15,000 at most christmas tree lots but this tree was donated by the u.s. forest service -- forest service department. there is a room living in a glass room. we'll explain why he's doing it. >> the reason behind the recent change to bay area prices.
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taking a look at stocks today. stocks really only getting a little bit of help from an unexpectedly sharp drop for the first time claim for unemployment benefits. the nasdaq is down 3 -- the dow is down 3. the nasdaq is up 5. bay area drivers are praying $3.23 per gallon for regular unleaded gas. that's up 5 cent as gallon from last month. across the state the average is $3.14, while the national average is 2.36.
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according to aaaa costs have been affected by a higher than normal demand for gas. the oakland-based company, plans to cut 120 jobs. ask executives say all of the layoffs will be engineers based in new jersey and china. will continue to develop its online question and answer service that uses humans to help find information. ask frequently ranked fourth or lower in the search industry. an oregon woman is spending a month living living in a glass room. kristin is only communicating online using e-mail, skype or facebook. she says it's to demonstrate the lack of privacy on the internet. she says she does not think social media is -- need yaw is a bad thing but hopes to get those communicating face to face again. we told you earlier in the newscast about the cruise ships. new information coming in from a bay area woman who has a
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relative on board. we're getting inside information from the ship while she says her ask for help is being threatened because the ship is locking up basic -- blocking basic needs like ice. that's the next newscast, is the channel 2 news at 5:00 today. thanks for watching have a great day.
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